Sometimes, it is necessary to use something a little different. Whether you have a lack of energy sources, or have constraints because of ventilation, LP units can be a good answer. Alklean Industries offers both LP hot water/electric drive units, and all LP units. Whatever your constraint, we are certain we can come up with an LP unit to meet your needs. Give us a call about these units.

The ultimate LP unit custom built for you. This design features up to 3500 PSI, and flow up to 4.5 GPM. This unit requires a large amount of heat, so typically a 200 gallon water tank, LP tanks, hose reels, and a frame designed for you particular lifting apparatus are included.

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For small projects in small areas the Alklean LP Series portable electric unit with LP heat is convenient to use almost anywhere. Using only 115 VAC for the motor, 2 styles are available. 2.3 GP and 700 PSI, or 1.8 GPM at 1500 PSI. (LP Tank not included)

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Hotsy models 558 and 771 are small portable units ready to handle jobs with energy and space constraints. The model 558 produces 2.2 GPM at 1400 PSI, using 115 VAC. The 771 produces 3.0 GPM at 1500 psi and requires 230 VAC.

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