Many people make the costly error of assuming that all trailers are created equal. Indeed, there is as much difference between trailers as there is between trucks and automobiles. Each has a purpose, but if the wrong one is selected and misapplied, then safety, durability and appearance are at risk.

If it is important to you to have a trailer that functions well for your purposes and does not look like a rolling junk yard in a few months, let the experts at Alklean assist you in selecting the correct trailer, tank, reels, and most importantly, the correct equipment.

At Alklean, we offer:

  • Customized trailer packages
  • Trailer mounted hot or cold water pressure washers
  • 100 to 800 gallon water tanks
  • Single tandem or dual tandem axle trailers
  • Trailers with or without brakes, either surge or electric
  • Powder coated trailers with Bulldog hitches and swing away jacks
  • 10' to 24' trailers in either lowboy or flat top configurations
  • Mounted hose reels rated for the pounding of on the road service
  • Swiveling hose reels for easy retraction either manual or electric rewind
  • Extended run recirculation cooling units
  • Detergent applicators independent or through the washer
  • Vacuum recovery systems
  • Toolboxes

Remember, at Alklean, we can draw and design any custom unit you need. Call us at (281) 479-5966, to tell us about your custom trailer project.