At Alklean, we recognize that different industries have very different wastewater treatment needs. We offer a wide variety of solutions to meet your specific applications.

Industries We Serve

water treatment at Alklean

We’ve helped hundreds of customers treat their wastewater. Our clients come from many different industries, including:

  • Oil Field Trucking
  • Lumber
  • The Military
  • Agriculture
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing

Depending on your needs, we provide microbial, mechanical, and chemical treatment as well as evaporation.

We custom design full water treatment solutions. No two systems are the same. It is critical for a qualified and experienced specialist to discern the varied contaminants and to quantify the amounts before recommending a solution to achieve success.

How We Can Help

water treatment professionals at Alklean

Talk with our experienced professionals today. We’ll make sure we match your needs with the perfect product. Our water treatment solutions:

  • Solve wastewater problems
  • Use stainless steel or steel waste water evaporators operating on electricity, kerosene, diesel, propane or natural gas
  • Incorporate pre-fabricated environmental center buildings to house recycling systems
  • Range from low-volume light duty to high-volume heavy duty
  • Can supply sewer discharge waste systems from 10 to 100 GPM. We utilize flow-through coalescing oil water separators (above and below ground models), membrane systems for organics, bio-sorb systems to address heavy metals, B.O.D., and C.O.D.
  • Use pre-fabricated galvalume storage buildings to house a variety of chemicals and hazardous materials, including OSHA approved ventilation systems
  • Utilize water ram demucking systems with recycled water