When working indoors, hot permit areas, or quiet zones, but you till need portability, look to our all electric cold water probable units. These units are easy to move from station to station, or around big equipment. Also, you will have enough pressure and flow to clean most of what you need completed in your operation.

Electric One

Cold Water Electric Standard Series
Need to operate on light tasks, and keep quiet? Look to our JP Series. This direct drive small unit is available in 120 and 23 volt electrical requirements.

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Electric Two

Cold Water Electric Premium Series
Offering up to 5000 PSI of cleaning power, the electric CW Series is the perfect model for heavily-soiled commercial and industrial equipment that requires indoor cleaning.

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Electric Three

It's a Hotsy! 5 GPM at 5000 PSI, this electric unit is available in 230 or 460 volt. Rugged frame, and 5 wheel portability make this a solid choice for you.

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