Steam Cleaner

Steam is a general term used for water vapor. However, in reality there are many types of steam that is normally defined by the temperature and water content of the steam. We typically divide steam into either dry steam or wet steam.

Wet Steam

Wet steam is the type steam usually selected for cleaning. Wet steam offers the advantage of heat but still is wet enough to emulsify oils and greases and flush them away. Wet steam for cleaning is normally between 250° F and 300° F. Alklean offers several models of wet steam cleaners for most cleaning applications. Let one of our Alklean specialists offer you a fee consultation about our cold, warm, hot, very hot water or steam cleaning equipment and help you select the best solution for you cleaning problem.

Dry Steam

Dry Steam is best suited for thawing, curing, heating and drying along with many other applications. Dry steam is normally 350° F or more. Most dry steam is produced by a boiler and if large quantities of dry steam are required; a boiler could be the best solution but boilers are expensive to purchase and costly to maintain. Boilers must be installed and periodically serviced and inspected by state licensed boiler technicians and inspectors. That is expensive and required by state law.

However, when smaller quantities of dry steam are needed a much more economical solution is the dry steam generator. The dry steam generator is safe and can be operated by most people with as little as 15 minutes training and no state license is required. Call today for a free Alklean consultation about your steam needs. It is likely that Alklean can save you serious money and the consultation is complementary.

Steam for Cleaning, Unclogging, and Sanitizing

When it comes to absolute cleaning, very few things will accomplish the task as well as steam. It has the power to melt, thaw, sanitize, degrease, propel, atomize, and many other functions.

For low pressure portable steam availability, Alklean has a unique offering. This oil fired, electric driven steam unit can be used for cleanup of tools, engines, and other items that are otherwise difficult to clean. Parts preparation, sanitizing food trailers, pipe lining, and general building cleaning are a few more examples for the of steam. The unit can be used in a well-ventilated shop, or taken to job sites where water and electricity are available.

For your tough cleaning and specialized tasks, call about our available portable steam unit and begin making your process/procedure easier!

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