Industrial Pressure Washers

At Alklean, you're spoiled for choice. We offer a wide variety of industrial cold and hot water pressure washers for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need a portable, stationery, or skid-mounted design, we have just the right pressure washer for your projects.

If you're in the market for a new pressure washer, it makes sense to buy from a reputable company like Alklean. With a large assortment of models and sizes, our powerful pressure washers will help you tackle any size job from ball fields to oil fields and trucks to tankers. Our machines transform once dirty surfaces into bright, sanitary, and sparkling areas.

As you consider which pressure washer you want, we'll help you determine the proper horsepower and PSI (pounds per square inch). At Alklean, we'll make sure you get the right machine for any job. You'll appreciate our large inventory of models.

We also offer custom designs. Contact us to discuss what type of equipment is best for your cleaning applications.

Hot Water

If you need to clean industrial machinery or blast away dirt, grime, road film, grease, oil, old paint, or other contaminants, our hot water pressure washers are the ideal choice. Heat lowers the water's surface tension and increases detergent activity, allowing our pressure washers to penetrate stubborn grease, grime, oil, stains and other soils.

Adding heat is the logical choice for dirty jobs. And the hotter the better. According to industry standards, each time you raise the water temperature by 18 degrees, you double the cleaning power of the detergent. Less detergent is better for the environment and is an excellent way to lower cleaning costs and achieve superior results.

Hot water pressure washers have many applications and an endless list of customers. Following are a few of the industries we at Alklean supply with high pressure hot water washers.

  • Construction Industry
  • Farming
  • Manufacturing
  • Military & Government
  • Oil Industry
  • Transportation
  • Food Processing
  • Cleaning Services
  • Veterinary Clinics

Cold Water

If you're battling mud and dirt, our cold-water pressure washers are just the ticket. These machines are a great choice for lighter cleaning chores when you don't need to remove oil and grease. We recommend cold water models for residential jobs and lighter industrial projects.

Our cold-water pressure washers make quick work of any muddy mess you can imagine, including patios, sidewalks, cars, dog kennels, RV's, and decks. They're also ideal for removing paint and rust from many different surfaces.

Tell us about your cleaning needs. We offer just the right size and strength you need for any project. The higher the gallons per minute, the more cleaning power you'll wield. Contact Alklean today. We want to make sure we match you with the perfect cold water pressure washer.

Specialized Pressure Washers

We know that one size does not fit all. That's why we're pleased to offer customized pressure washers for all your cleaning needs. For heavy de-mucking jobs, our Water Ram Series will cut cleaning time from hours to minutes.

This series is a high-volume, low-pressure system designed to effectively and economically complete large cleaning jobs quickly. Our site-specific package eliminates the need to provide a filtration or a water treatment system. The Alklean Water Ram utilizes a diaphragm pump that can handle solids up to 3/32 inches in size.

With adequate pretreatment from a properly designed sump system, our Water Ram can draw directly from the sump allowing the recycling of the demucking water. This saves water and reduces disposal costs while speeding your cleaning operation exponentially.

We at Alklean realize that there are many sources of cleaning equipment and there are many models and sizes of equipment. There are so many models because each has a different purpose. Our customers rely on our many decades of experience to select the best piece of equipment for all cleaning needs. You tell us what you need to clean and we can help you determine how much volume, pressure, heat, horsepower, and detergent you need to effectively do your job. It is a very costly mistake to order the wrong model. With onsite job inspections, Alklean can help you determine the exact utilities you have to drive your cleaning system, thus eliminating costly errors.

Contact the trained professionals at Alklean today. With well over a century of applications experience, our sales and consulting staff look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations.