The word "solvent" is defined as a substance which dissolves a solute, or another substance. When it comes to cleaning, a solvent is usually organic in that it is carbon based. Some solvents also contain chemicals with aromatic rings. The vast array of cleaning projects requires a multitude of solvents to properly complete the tasks. At Alklean, we offer three very distinct solvent products to assist you with your specific needs.

Magna Solv

Magna-Solve 100™ is a high performance, environmentally sound, direct TCE replacement solvent. Magna-Solv 100™ is a limited chloride content; non-flammable, affordable vapor degreasing solvent that is ideal for replacing Tricholoroethylene. Our degreasing experts will be there to support you through the easy change-over into Magna-Solv 100™.


This non-caustic, revolutionary degreaser/cleaner is excellent for dissolving and removing greases/oils from painted and non-painted surfaces. BAC-50 is a solvent based cleaner derived from the vegetable and citrus extracts. Diesel stains, exhaust deposits, honey oil, liquid o-ring, and drilling fluids are easily removed from most surfaces using BAC-50.

Mega Gold Green

A multipurpose, industrial duty, liquid washing solvent designed to be eco-friendly. It is an excellent degreaser for removing all types of grease, oil, and synthetic lubricants from most surfaces. When properly applied, MEGA GOLD GREEN will effectively clean painted surfaces, stainless steel, aluminum, and many plastic surfaces without danger to the surface or work personnel. MEGA GOLD GREEN is free rinsing with no foaming characteristics. MEGA GOLD GREEN is blended to be free rinsing with water.

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