Formed Trenching

Formed trenching has many advantages, including a specific slope for proper water flow, steel framing for straight runs, and, as with all our pits, a barrier to help avoid contaminated soil due to cracked concrete. This system utilizes the latest in composite technology to provide excellent hydraulics, a superior chemical resistance, and a durable non-corrosive top surface.

We have everything you need at Alklean. Our formed trenches include:

  • 6” and 12” wide systems
  • Depths up to 12”
  • Preformed connections
  • Radiused bottoms
  • Smooth HDPE structural composite interior with 0 percent water absorption.
  • Variety of gratings
  • Integral frame
  • Secure installation system
  • Modular sections

Why Choose Us

Alklean Industries has developed a heavy-duty formed trenching product built to withstand your industrial application. With 50 years of expertise in water management and treatment, we design and install formed trenching to your specifications. The quality of our work stands for itself. Contact us today.

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