Our Mission

At Alklean Industries, our goal is to help your business achieve peak efficiency and profitability.

Alklean Industries, Inc. is an industry leader in industrial cleaning systems and wash water recycle systems. Our mission is to provide superior products and efficient service to customers who value quality and support before, during, and after the sale. At Alklean, our expertise and friendly service is second to none. We are honored to have loyal customers and always look forward to helping new ones. We’re proud of our outstanding service and high-quality equipment.


IN 1971, Alklean’s founders began with two employees. Emerging from the oil bust and severe local recession in 1987, we founded Alklean Industries, Inc.

In 1987, Alklean Industries began with four employees and 4,500 square feet of space. Since that time, we’ve grown considerably. We now have 20 employees and have expanded into a 17,000 square-foot campus with four buildings.

Under the leadership of John and Brenda Purswell, our employees all feel like family. In fact, more than half our team has worked at Alklean for more than a decade. We believe this longevity is proof of our professionalism. In addition, as principal shareholder, we’re proud that Brenda has earned a woman-owned business classification for Alklean.

We invest in our valuable employees. We provide a level of service and customer care unparalleled in the Gulf Coast area.

Our clients include a diverse group of industries. We serve those in oil field related companies, refineries, construction and manufacturing companies, municipalities, schools, contract cleaners, trucking companies, plus timber and farming and ranching businesses. Alklean’s territory includes the greater Houston area, all 50 states, Mexico, Trinidad, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

We realize you can purchase cleaning equipment and water reclaim systems from many different companies. However, the expertise to select, install and service the correct equipment for your application is what separates Alklean from our many competitors.

Our customers trust our high-quality equipment, professional installation, outstanding cleaning products, and friendly customer service. We’re proud that all our products are certified to UL safety and CETA performance standards. There is a huge difference between using some certified components and a piece of equipment being certified to meet safety standards as a complete unit. Protect yourself and your employees by using certified equipment.