Many cleaning tasks cannot be accomplished without the addition of a good detergent. Water molecules are simply too large to penetrate oils, greases, road film, and many pollutants.

You can continue to increase the velocity (pressure) of water until you tear the paint off the surface and the material you were trying to remove is still on the paint and it hits the ground.

One example is trying the hurl a softball through a chain-link fence. It won’t go through without damage to the fence. Adding detergent is like adding marbles to the mixture. They will easily penetrate because they are much smaller in size. Adding detergent to water is very similar. The much smaller molecule of the detergent easily penetrates the grime and lifts it off.

With more than 80 types of detergents available, chances are good that Alklean has a detergent that will accomplish your cleaning task.

Alklean detergents are available in 5 - 15 - 30 - 55 and 275 gallon standard containers—as well as bulk quantities. As an added convenience, we can fill your bulk chemical containers on site and we meter our deliveries. You only pay for the quantity you receive.

There are many impurities in most water supplies. Many of those impurities work against your detergent and cause scale buildup in your pumps and heating coils. Our Alklean standard detergents have special ingredients that act as water softeners and scale prevention agents. That is a special feature of Alklean detergents that most competitive detergents do not offer.

You’ll appreciate Alklean’s vast selection of detergents. If you’d like more information, please call us. At Alklean, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of which detergent to apply. Application expertise is the difference. Trust our qualified staff.

Choose from our wide variety of:

  • Detergents
    • Low pH detergents
    • Medium pH detergents
    • High pH detergents
  • Low foaming detergents for floor scrubbers
  • Transportation detergents
    • Trucks
    • Cars
    • Forklifts
    • Heavy equipment
    • Boats
    • Barges
    • Tractors
    • And more
  • General purpose detergents
  • Degreasers
  • Concrete removal detergents
  • House wash detergents
  • Non-caustic blends
  • Specially blended low pH detergents for water treatment systems
  • Complete selection of green products
  • Solvents
  • And many, many more
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