Cabinet Washers


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Alkleans Top Load line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a highly value-added cleaning process in a small space. Alklean offers top loaders ranging in size from a 21" turntable to 72" turntable as standard models, and up to 120" turntable on custom washers. Available standard with vertical pumps, mechanical door seals, sprocket drive system, (as opposed to troublesome tire or chain drive systems) and industrial electrical controls. These systems can include stainless steel construction options, rinse stages, and blow-off stages.


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As part of our original product offering, the Front Load line of parts cleaning equipment has evolved into the finest cleaning system that your money can buy. This system not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a keystone in the world of cabinet cleaning systems.Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with over 17 standard models to choose from, and custom units with turntable diameters up to 120" and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds.


cabinet washers pasadena texas

Alklean offers standard and custom Dip agitation cleaning systems, so no matter what size your part is, we can design a unit around your needs. Immersion/Agitation systems can be designed as standalone wash units or integrated together to provide a multi-stage cleaning system.In fact, many of Alklean's standard options can be integrated into these units. Including particulate bag filtration, bottom heat gas burner systems, fresh water make-up and control, programmable cycle timers, stainless steel construction, recirculating pumps with inductor nozzles, spray under immersion, and custom part fixturing, just to name a few!

Conveyor Pass Through Units

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Alkleans Modular Conveyorized Cleaning Systems are our premier line of passthrough cleaning units. Available as modular units, these systems can be purchased as part of a complete cleaning solution.Choose from one of the most diverse product offerings in the marketplace with one of the largest option lists in the industry. If your application does not fit one of the standards exactly, contact us for a quote on a custom unit for your application.

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