A biodigester takes organic material which is in turn decomposed by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment to produce material byproducts that are safe and recyclable.

water treatment bio-digester

How We Can Help

Biodigesters are cost-effective, self-renewing, and do an outstanding job of controlling odors while producing byproducts that are harmless. At Alklean, we offer multiple solutions that should fit your needs.

  • Oleophilic media to promote Stokes Law
  • A variety of microbe strains for specific digestion
  • Aeration to feed microbes and reduce BOD and foul odors
  • Baffled systems to promote solids separation
  • pH adjustments
  • Heaters for microbe comfort
  • Marine grade aluminum, poly, or stainless digesters
  • Ozone options
  • Specially formulated detergent for emulsifying oils and feeding microbes
  • Water recycling

Why Choose Us

Proper wastewater management can make the difference between meeting regulatory requirements or not. Here at Alklean, we have over 30 years of experience working with clients over various industries on developing custom solutions for their wastewater solutions. Contact us to get help with your water treatment solutions.

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