Pit Systems

Pit systems are one of the best methods for pre-treating waste water. Whether you are recycling or discharging, a good pre-treatment system will ease the burden on your treatment system, and create an easier method for removing solids from the stream.

water treatment pit-system

Our Capabilities

One specific advantage of a lined pit system is to avoid soil contamination due to cracked concrete. At Alklean, you’ll appreciate our large selection of:

  • In-ground and above ground systems
  • Available API standards
  • FRP and steel systems
  • 50 gallon to 1000 gallon systems
  • Detailed installation procedures
  • Secondary containment
  • Available turn key operations

Why Choose Us

Let our pit system experts guide your selection and design of an efficient, compliant in-ground or above-ground pit system. We bring decades of experience developing and installing pit systems and water treatment systems for a range of industries. Our customers trust our professional team members to produce quality work and provide excellent customer service. Contact us for a custom pit system.

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