Rental Equipment

Sometimes a special project calls for a special type of pressure washer and sometimes several pressure washers at one time. In these cases, renting may be a good option. Or if you don't pressure wash very frequently, renting a pressure washer makes good sense. Why purchase and care for a machine you only use once in a blue moon? Alklean can meet all your rental needs.

  • Gas engine and diesel engine hot water units to 5,000 PSI
  • Trailer mounted units with water holding tanks and hoses
  • Cold water pressure washers (both gas and diesel) up to 6000 PSI
  • Electric hot water units: available in 110VAC, 230VAC, and 460 VAC, producing either steam, hot or cold
  • Nearly a hundred types of detergents for all your cleaning applications
  • Custom units for longer rental periods

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Hot Water Pressure Washers

If you need to clean industrial machinery or blast away dirt, grime, road film, grease, oil, old paint, or other contaminants, our hot water pressure washers are the ideal choice. Heat lowers the water's surface tension and increases detergent activity, allowing our pressure washers to penetrate stubborn grease, grime, oil, stains and other soils.

Cold Water Pressure Washers

If you're battling mud and dirt, our cold-water pressure washers are just the ticket. These machines are a great choice for lighter cleaning chores when you don't need to remove oil and grease. We recommend cold water models for residential jobs and lighter industrial projects.

Trailer Mounted Units

If it is important to you to have a trailer that functions well for your purposes and does not look like a rolling junk yard in a few months, let the experts at Alklean assist you in selecting the correct trailer, tank, reels, and most importantly, the correct equipment.

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