Safety Data Sheets

Safety is our primary goal at Alklean. And we want to ensure all our customers practice safety too. That’s why we supply technical informational sheets about most of our products, in addition to Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

SDS provide important instructions and safety precautions for chemicals. Each sheet explains how to properly use, dispose of, and store every chemical we sell. The SDS is the employee’s guide on how to safely use industrial chemicals. Alklean goes a step beyond what the law requires and provides an SDS on every container of 5 gallons or more. We all want to ensure your employees’ safety.

Formulations for similar products may vary by manufacturer. At Alklean, we want you to have all the required information you need right at your fingertips. It’s just one more way we provide outstanding service to you, our loyal customers.

For SDS data, contact Alkelean Sales staff or management for help.

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