Our Recommendations

What is the best wash rack design? There are many questions to consider. A few include:

  • How much muck or solids are expected?
  • How much grease and oil will be washed off and where will the dirty water drain?
  • How large is the equipment to be cleaned?
  • How will you address and exclude rain water from the waste stream? Note: Storm (rain) water and dirty wash water should be in two different streams. They need to be separated and treated differently in most cases.

How We Can Help

wash racks for water treatment

Alklean has designed many wash racks, giving us knowledge that comes only from experience. Our extensive experience in the cleaning and water reclamation industry vastly improves the chances of getting your wash rack design correct the first time.

The investment for a new wash rack can be costly. The simplest oversight can be expensive to repair, or a major hindrance to the performance you seek for years to come. Slope, depth, drainage, retention time, construction materials, and codes are a few of the considerations for a new wash rack.

From simple pit and pad design to elaborate and highly detailed systems, our staff can assist from conception with ACAD drawings, to the final installation. Call us for your next project.