Industries We Serve

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Our top of the line pressure washing equipment comes in multiple varieties so you can choose what works best for your individual project. With Alklean’s trained professional’s help, we can find the cleaning solution you need for your home or business to make it like new again. We have experience in cleaning and treating multiple industries, so we know we can handle any project. Contact our team so we can start creating custom solutions for your industry.


Oil Companies

In order to function properly without mineral build-up, equipment used in oil fields needs to be cleaned regularly. Whether it’s tanks, drills or pumps, Alklean has what you need to clean it. Our industrial hot water pressure washers can wipe away any grime that has built up, easily. Also, Alklean’s oil/water separators can treat above ground and in-ground systems to collect oil waste to help keep the oil fields cleaner.


Construction and Manufacturing Companies

When in construction or manufacturing, keeping the equipment clean such as bulldozers, cement mixers and other machinery is important for quality functionality. For example, Alkean’s concrete removal products are perfect for power washing away concrete, lime and oil off of trucks and equipment. In addition to your companies’ equipment, use our industrial power washers to clean up the job site or area when finished.



There are multiple places in need of power washing throughout a town such as homes, schools, businesses and its surrounding roads, sidewalks and driveways. Alklean can keep your city looking professional with our industrial cleaning systems.


Trucking Companies

Traveling across the state or the nation can cause a build-up of dirt and dust. With Alklean’s fleet washing equipment, your truck—large or small—can be cleaned efficiently with help from our service staff. Don’t worry about trying to wash it yourself, let our vehicle fleet washing system do the job for you!


Farming and Ranching Businesses

Alklean’s industrial hot water pressure washers can blast away contaminants to help keep your farm or ranch clean from waste from animals and natural results from the environment. In addition to cleaning up nature’s effects, you can also power wash farm equipment, barns/sheds and your home to complete a professional appearance. 


No matter the project, you can count on Alklean to find what cleaning equipment and water treatment system you need!