A loving tribute to John O Purswell
September 7, 1971  -  May 11, 2013


You left us, Son, one Saturday morning

God’s direction for you planned -

Our hearts turned in prayer as we asked for a miracle

And we put it all in His hands.


We wanted Him to bring you back to us

Our earthly plans were placed on hold –

God’s plan, we learned, was something different –

You were headed for the Streets of Gold.


Homeward bound – to God’s great Kingdom –

Reality was so hard to take –

To let you go – we knew was the right thing –

But the hardest acceptance we ever had to make.


Our daily lives were forever changed –

You were part of all we do

Your smile, your laugh, your sense of humor -

Everything that made you - YOU.


Your heart – your intense love for kids and family –

We’re left with such emptiness here –

It’s the memories we have and keep fresh in our minds

That always keeps you near –


Now you’re honored with a scholarship in your name

So richly deserved by you –

A scholarship that will keep on touching lives

The way you used to do.


We were left dumbfounded at the out pouring of love

From the hundreds and hundreds that came

There was food, cards, hugs, prayers and more –

But we knew it would never be the same.


We were so touched by those who loved you

And shared seeing you off to your next life –

Then we were faced with such a calamity…

What to do? Your friends, your parents, your kids, your wife –


How could you have had such few days here with us?

No finer son, friend, husband or dad -

You touched us all in so many ways,

Should we be happy….or bitter….or sad?


All the good and great things you did here on this earth –

All the time knowing Christ as your Savior -

Your trust in Jesus Christ caused our Lord at the gates

To give you the nod in His favor.


Yes, time has passed – still some part of each day is a struggle –

The spot that you held is so bare –

But we know that you’ve crossed the River

And one day we’ll all join you There.


A large book cannot contain all the memories and words

Kindly spoken by so many and such –

There is some comfort in those things –

But we miss you so very much.


We love you, Johnny.

John Purswell